Pardazesh Gostar Havin

If you're a music producer looking to connect with other producers from all over the world, Straudio is the online platform for you.


Straudio is the perfect platform for music producers who want to collaborate with others from anywhere in the world. With private and public rooms available, Straudio makes it easy for everyone to join a project and start making great music.

Innovation and Capability

Careful and accurate work is crucial in the music industry, so we want to provide everything that music producers need. We have many technical issues that need solutions, and at Straudio we use one-of-a-kind software engineering for a complete platform that makes music producers happy.

Built in technology

In Straudio be focused on audio quality and streaming latency. Our Research and development team Creates an AI based data compression method in Java language that makes Straudio capable of live-streaming high-res audio (up to 192KHz 32bit) over the internet to help musicians and audio engineers.
We use the best java technologies to build this platform, from Netty for handling hi-throughput networking to JavaFx for cross-platform client GUI.