Pardazesh Gostar Havin

Khane Elm
If you're a student searching for help, KhaneElm is the perfect app for finding, comparing and hiring tutors.
Khane Elm


At KhaneElm, we pride ourselves in having a wide variety of tutors that can help with many topics. Our clients need to be able to easily navigate our app, so they can find the right tutor for them. We've also implemented an easy-to-use admin profile for the teachers. This way, they can keep track of all requests and their schedules.

Built in technology

Flutter Framework allows for shorter development time, as it delivers Android and IOS apps in the same design. In addition, we made direct bank connection and ZarinPal available as payment options. Lastly, a small recommendation system was implemented based on location and teacher rates.

We designed a survey system that gives managers more accurate insights into teachers' performance. This dynamic system solicits questions from students after completing a course or meeting.