Pardazesh Gostar Havin

Havin Aid
Turns your smartphone into a powerful hearing-aid
Havin Aid


Havin Aid is an easy-to-use software that transforms your smartphone into a top-notch hearing aid. Simply connect headphones to the phone and adjust settings according to your doctor's suggestions. In no time, you'll be able to ditch your old hearing aid for good!

Havin Aid is a fantastic product that allows you to turn your smartphone into a hearing aid, saving you time and money. With Havin Aid, you can also adjust the settings for each ear individually according to your level of hearing loss.

We decided to create apps for those with hearing difficulties because we believe every company has a social responsibility.

Built in technology

Our team of experts developed an AI Based algorithm that enhances audio in real-time. This optimized DSP algorithm is built on top of Google's native library, and it features 10 band filters with minimum artifact noise. With this algorithm, we can offer the best possible audio experience for our users.
To get the best performance we implemented this application in native with Swift and Kotlin languages.