Pardazesh Gostar Havin

Dibsetan is a social media platform for readers!


At Dibsetan, not only can users review and discuss books with each other, but they can also put up a challenge as a group to read the same book at the same time. Also, our app designs an AI that suggests books and challenges to users based on their activity within the app- so everyone has personalized reading content!

Innovation and Capability

Creating a social media platform is one of the most difficult projects as it not only needs to have an excellent UX and UI, but also needs to be easy enough for users to understand. The structure must be able to handle a large number of users without any issues, which takes some unique innovations.

With Dibsetan, we not only provided the ability to create reading challenges and increase people's literacy overall but also included a feature for group discussion. With over 1,500 users' feedback and our capacity to handle even more demand, we're proud of what we accomplished.

Built in technology

As a social media platform, we should be online and accessible to any number of users. So we use microservice architecture to achieve that scalability. The services are implemented in different languages like Java and Python.

Also, we develop a new multilayer cache system for the cluster based on java heap memory and Redis.
Nowadays users have multiple devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers at the time, so we decided to build a fully responsive web application for this platform. Our team develops the front end based on the Nuxt framework.